Contributed module submission to Drupal

I have used Drupal for over three years now. Up until version 5.0 Drupal did not offer anything compelling and steep learning curve prevented people from investing time into getting to know Drupal. Things have dramatically changed since release of D5. Several powerful APIs and contributed modules have lifted Drupal among other CMSs. Notable advancements were the Form API, CCK and Views modules.

Suddenly, anyone could design their content, query and display it the way they like without worrying about database tables, SQL queries, caching and php programming to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete data. Drupal became popular. And a swarm of contributed modules has followed.

While I have contributed to Drupal with a few bug reports and forum topics I have never actually released any of my own modules back to the community, the reason being that they perform something specific to a particular project.

Then there was that slashdot moderation thing I mentioned in my previous post. So, after a taking a deep breath I decided to go ahead and release it as a contributed module. 

You can find it at:

So, how did the process go? Overall, the process is very rigorous, but if you follow all the steps and code to Drupal standards, you module will be released promptly. One thing to note: always ask people if such functionality exists. As of now there are 4430 contributed modules:, so if you want to add a feature, chances are this feature either already exists or can be implemented using existing Drupal modules.

For comments and feature requests regarding Slashcomments module please visit project page and create an Issue by visiting Issue Queue.